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Print – Så skimrande är havet

295.00 kr

Print from the original painting “Så skimrande är havet”. Available in the following size 50x70cm

The colours displayed on your computer screen can vary slightly from the finished print.

Dispatched within 1-5 working days.

I lager


I tend to write a few lines about what each painting means to me, which is something I like doing and I hope it will give the beholder another layer, another aspect of me and my art. Perhaps it stirs something within you too.

This painting was almost ruined when I got stuck in the details, which can sometimes happen when I’m not perceptive enough and try to achieve perfection instead. There is a fine line between a completed painting with spirit and depth and a piece of art destroyed in a millisecond because I’ve added too much in an attempt to “perfect” the image, which in turn means the whole painting dies. It might sound harsh, but that’s the way it is. I need to stop myself before I end up in the minute details and the “but-I-will-just…”. This piece calms me down as I feel tranquil looking out towards the horizon, my eyes scanning this mighty, mesmerising and ever-changing sea. The beauty of the pink, glittering sea and the sky above devours me; the light in the distance brings me hope; I breathe in and fill my lungs with fresh air. Can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be right now. 

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