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Print – Evig kärlek

295.00 kr

Poster 50x70cm where the motif is taken from the original painting ‘Evig kärlek’. The way the colour is displayed on your screen may be slightly different to the actual poster.

Packaged and posted within 3-5 working days.


My heart just melts. Can you also sense the caring, deep love they radiate? The joy of being a couple, building a life with your soulmate, the tenderness towards one another, someone to care for, someone to fuss and someone to hug. Their eyes reflect dimensions of life-long affection so tender and vulnerable I nearly fall apart; the gaze that exposes the soul and one’s innermost feelings.

It is almost impossible to describe these emotions with words, because there is so much going on beneath the surface. Things that somehow penetrates your skin and mind; you can sense it, feel it, almost like a unique frequency that goes straight into your heart. This is another painting that has gone through some radical transformations during my creative process.

To me, paintings that happen to stay in the creation phase for longer tend to be very special as they somehow touch me deep within. I believe that’s due to the number of hours we’ve spent together, layer upon layer of paint, bubbles, more paint, rest, a flurry of patterns all higgeldy-piggeldy, moments of reflection, more layers and then … when total chaos has erupted… it is time to start deconstructing, look inwards, go on a treasure hunt to find what is hidden in there. Almost like a journey through my mind and soul, as it is my innermost essence that is poured out onto the canvas. And when I am good and ready, the image emerges as it was meant to be. So natural. So obvious. In the purest, most beautiful shape carrying a message meant for both you and me.

Thank you! I am so grateful to experience this magic and power through my creative process. Sometimes it feels like I am merely a tool or instrument for something much larger, something that needs to be broadcasted or shared with you, and then I just let myself be directed or guided with an aim to inspire others and, throughout my current life on Earth, reach as many people as possible. An important and illustrious purpose, which I adore and love striving towards.

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