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Print – I min lilla lilla värld

295.00 kr

Poster 50x70cm where the motif is taken from the original painting ‘I min lilla lilla värld’. The way the colour is displayed on your screen may be slightly different to the actual poster.

Packaged and posted within 3-5 working days.



I tend to write a few lines about what each painting means to me, which is something I like doing and I hope it will give the beholder another layer, another aspect of me and my art. Perhaps it stirs something within you too.

I am delighted that this is a painting I experimented with during the “Joy & Art” workshop, and when I was about to show the audience how they can move on from just a background, it turned into a meadow. The motif sort of just materialised, so the only thing I did was to tone down the background a notch and paint the contours of the flowers and the dragonfly.

I am soooo in love with this painting; the colours and shades form a composition that simply takes my breath away. The magic, the freedom and the untamed vibrate with passion. This is the time to live! In my teeny- tiny world of flowers…

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