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Print – En sommardröm

295.00 kr

Poster 50x70cm where the motif is taken from the original painting ‘En sommardröm’. The way the colour is displayed on your screen may be slightly different to the actual poster.

Packaged and posted within 2-5 working days.


As you most likely already know, I love flowers and lush foliage. Simply cannot get enough of Mother way of expressing herself in shapes and colours.

Poppies are very close to my heart. Don’t know why, but it may have something to do with their delicate, sheer and fragile appearance. The painting is also available as a textile print on silk, used by my darling mummy when she designed and made a dress. I really like this colour combination, so much so, that I created another painting that resembles this one quite a lot. As far as I’m concerned, this is a summer’s dream, where the poppy’s bliss manages to rouse every single cell in my body with all its delight on a warm, sunny summer’s day. This is love!

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