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Print – Gabriella

295.00 kr

Poster 50x70cm where the motif is taken from the original painting ‘Gabriella’. Contrary to the original, where her hair is a splash of vibrant green, I have chosen to print these posters entirely in greyscale. The way the colour is displayed on your screen may be slightly different to the actual poster.

Packaged and posted within 2-5 working days.

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When I discovered Gabriella, I was utterly stunned; she literally took my breath away. Combining shades I had never put together before and, in all honesty, didn’t feel all too good about, I suddenly had a change of heart. Wow, what a magical process and amazing experience. ’Namaste goes crazy’ has been bubbling inside me, and I was on a blissful high for several weeks. After that, I simply enjoyed painting and being in a flow with these lovely feelings.

The name of the series is probably self-explanatory, and I think you understand what has happened along the way. It started with namaste and ended with crazy. Crazy for everything: new colours, new combinations, new ways of hanging the art and sneak-peak with a live session and then the unveiling of the artworks. All of this makes me both proud and happy, but also a little bit scared; scared to reveal my innermost soul and have the courage to stand up for my art. Thank you, painting, for constantly making me want to develop and evolve and face myself and my innermost being, even though this is often such hard work. But, on the other hand, just think how great it turns out once all the tough stuff is processed and dealt with. Emotions aren’t that terrifying after all, are they?

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