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Print – Här vill jag bo

295.00 kr

Poster 50x70cm where the motif is taken from the original painting ‘Här vill jag bo’. The way the colour is displayed on your screen may be slightly different to the actual poster.

Packaged and posted within 3-5 working days.

I lager


I tend to write a few lines about what each painting means to me, which is something I like doing and I hope it will give the beholder another layer, another aspect of me and my art. Perhaps it stirs something within you too.

A yearning for autumnal colours was the catalyst for this image, which inspired me so much I painted another straight away. Abstract sweeps with a spatula, comfortable earthy tones and contrast give me a sense of an ancient mountain village in sunnier climes.

I love the clean lines, which make the houses stand out more yet at the same time leave quite a bit to your imagination. So much exciting, a whole treasure trove is hidden behind the facades and inside the structures.

Compelling stories that no one but the bricks and mortar knows of. To me, it feels like the village is constructed out of clay and stone. Perhaps a metaphor for life itself, where the buildings represent us humans and each individual brick represents our past, experiences and memories, which has shaped who we are today. Thanks to all the small or big events in our life, no matter if they are tough, sad, happy or wonderful, they have brought us here and made us unique. All the building blocks have in some way contributed to what we needed to take the next steps, pause for a moment to change direction or reflect upon what has been and still is. Each tiny pebble has boosted us and prepared us for a storm, bad weather, heat and sunshine.

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