Tray - Wilda & lilla fågel gul | Anna Karolina Larsson - Konstnär & Inspiratör

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Tray – Wilda & lilla fågel gul

395.00 kr

Round tray, 38 cm diameter, with a motive from the original painting “Wilda & lilla fågel gul”. Made in Sweden, birch veneer. Dispatched within 1-5 working days.

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When I’ve finished and signed a painting, the title generally pops into my head and then my mind starts whirring with what this piece of art actually means to me, what it wants to tell me. That’s my way of delving into the process, clarifying and outlining everything,  putting everything into words and writing down what goes on behind the curtains of my innermost soul. And perhaps that might rouse something within you too, a sow a tiny seed or an idea.

This forest fairy is genuinely a delightful creature. Wilda is nature itself, and the Little Yellow Bird is her best friend who spreads balance, energy and love wherever she goes. She exists in harmony with Mother Earth and she wants to keep every kind of living being safe; animals, plants and nature itself. In harmony with Cosmos, she loves to live in the primaeval forest. She’s like the tree of life with branches as hair and roots anchored deep in the soil. She is safety and heartfelt sincerity personified, my Wilda.