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Tray – Lev här, lev nu

295.00 kr

Round tray, 31 cm diameter, with a motive from the original painting “Lev här, lev nu”. Made in Sweden, birch veneer. Dispatched within 1-5 working days.

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To me, ‘Live here and now’ is about making the most out of life. Seizing the day. Doing what we really want to and what we long for, not delaying it but actually doing it now.  We have no idea how many seconds we will get to remain here on Earth, so make the most of everything while you can. 

I often hear people say: “I’ll get around to it when I retire, when the children are older…” or “Surely, I couldn’t just… “. But why wait for the perfect moment when now is as good a time as any?

Life is too short to wait for the right time. If there is something you truly desire, then just do it. Dare to give it a go! Live here and now!