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Cushions – With all his beauty

895.00 kr

This cushion is very special to me as I have been involved in every stage of the design; from the very first brush stroke and all the way to the finished article. Developed together with a local manufacturer, the end result is a bespoke item with a truly sumptuous, luxurious feel. 

Add your own unique interior design flair to your sofa, armchair or bed with this sumptuous velvet cushion (49 x 49cm). Motif from original painting “With all his beauty”.

Monochrome velvet backing and natural feather cushion. Produced locally, printed and tailor-made in Borås. Washing instructions: 40 degrees C. 

Dispatched within 1-3 working days and sent by post. 

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I like to write a few lines and tell my customers about my paintings, to describe the creative process and what this means to me.

It took quite a long time before I had completed my beautiful peacock and several months passed by before he could proudly spread his majestic tail feathers.

He certainly was a challenge that needed much love and tender care during the creative process, but eventually, he appeared, finished in all his glory; unique, radiant and majestic.
As this journey involved emotional turmoil with several tough phases, he is very special to me. We have overcome many mental obstacles together and have spent numerous hours together, where each separate part has been allowed to evolve slowly. Whenever I have been too eager and worked too fast, there have been complications straight away and then there was nothing else for it but to stop the process, wait, let him rest and continue the next day. A long, arduous journey that eventually united us; two became one and I am overjoyed with the result.


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