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Cushion – Freedom beautifully packaged in a box

895.00 kr

This cushion is very special to me as I have been involved in every stage of the design; from the very first brush stroke and all the way to the finished article. Developed together with a local manufacturer, the end result is a bespoke item with a truly sumptuous, luxurious feel. 

Add your own unique interior design flair to your sofa, armchair or bed with this sumptuous velvet cushion (49 x 49cm). Motif from original painting “Freedom beautifully packaged in a box”.

Green velvet backing and natural feather cushion. Produced locally, printed and tailor-made in Borås. Washing instructions: 40 degrees C. 

Dispatched within 1-3 working days and sent by post. 

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I usually write a few lines about what the paintings or sculptures mean to me, I like it and maybe it will light something positive in your creative mind.

When a painting is finished and signed, the title often comes to me and after that, my mind starts racing with everything the work of art means to me. This is my way of taking a plunge into the creative process, clarify and articulate what is really going on inside of me. I call this “Freedom beautifully packaged in a little box”. What visions or wishes do you hide in your little box, in your secret room deep inside of you where no one else can see or reach? 

Personally, I have collected lots of dreams and wishes in a little box of silver, written on small notes and I remove them from the box as they are fulfilled. I love to be in touch with my dreams and keep putting new ones in. I aim high and am truly unrealistic when I write things down as I feel everything is POSSIBLE. So, go on. Coax your tiny hidden treasures out of the hidden depths, write them down and put them in a beautiful box, so that they can be manifested and come true when you least expect it.


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