FIGURINES | lovely penguins | Art by Anna Karolina

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My intrinsic curiosity and interest for new materials to work with led me to clay and back in 2016, it was time to start working with pottery. It was love at first knead, and such a delight to run my hands across the surface of that clay, use my palms and fingers to sculpt it and create sweet, little figurines. A completely different experience to my painting. 

My beloved owls and penguins are crafted with so much love, where each individual has his/her own unique expression, personality and name. Most of them have gone through a Raku firing, which gives them a fabulous finish with cracking, spider webbing effects and gleam, whereas others are bubble glazed and the end result is entirely different. If you want to find out how these different processes are done, just click here. 

The various families all have different themes such as princes & princesses, “Penguins on tour”, Party penguins, Penguins celebrating St Lucia Day, Santa Claus penguins and Flower penguins. I arrange one of my so-called Penguin Releases on Instagram and Facebook and then it is up to the customer to be super-quick, because I operate on a strict first come, first served basis. The next release is scheduled for april and this is how it’s done: 

1. Live presentation on Facebook and Instagram on a specific date and time, where I present each little creature in detail with name, price (from 1,500 to 2,500 SEK) and size. The idea behind my penguin introduction is so that all my followers and potential customers can have a ponder without any rush or stress. They get to meet all the little penguins before the release, and if you want to take a peek now, you can meet them all here. 

2. Penguin release – this is when all happens. I post a picture of each penguin (name, price and size) on both Instagram and Facebook and then… 

3. … First come, first served! You are welcome to claim/comment with the name of the penguin you wish to adopt, or more than one if you choose. 

4. You will get an adoption confirmation if you are the first one to have dibs on your chosen penguin. 

By now, I’ve crafted many figurines, and I am so pleased that so many people seem to like my darlings. Quite a lot of time has been spent thinking about what these penguins want to tell me. Is there a message they want to share with me?

I have such strong feelings for these little sweethearts I almost struggle to find words to describe my emotions, but I believe they have come to me with the purpose of spreading love in the world and reminding us to feel grateful to others. And to express our gratitude too. 

Most penguins in the wild have a tough life, where every day is a fight for survival and they have to focus on finding food. They end up injured, they have to swim and dive in the most horrific weather conditions and storms, but still, they carry on tirelessly to be able to bring home some food to their kids. This behaviour fascinates me and despite their harsh way of life, penguins have a relaxed, cool and humble air about them. Their unique, charming, personal and utterly gorgeous way of being has a profound effect on me and I feel touched. They live together for many, many years, snuggle up close, keep each other warm and spread love all around them. 

Together they are strong, very much like us humans.