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My curiosity to work with new materials lead me to clay and back in 2016, I started experimenting with ceramics. This was love at first touch! To let my hand knead the clay, shape it and form sculptures was just simply divine. A totally different experience compared to painting. 

My beloved owls and penguins are created with so much love, where each one has its own special expression, personality and name. Most of them have been raku glazed, hence the cool effect of craquelure and shimmer. Others are bubble glazed, which gives a completely different effect. Over time, I have made quite a lot of sculptures and I am delighted that many of you like my little darlings. New bubble penguins are being added to the range soon too. 

I have thought a lot about what the penguins are trying to tell me. I have such strong feelings for these little darlings that I struggle to find the words to describe them, but I think they have come to me with a task, a mission to spread love to the world around me and remind my fellow humans to be grateful and thankful for other people. 

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Feel free to contact me if you want to know anything else or if you are curious to find out more about something you see on my website. I’m happy to answer any question about the choice of material, my thoughts behind the artworks or how an online purchase is done. 


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