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My great passion in life is to paint and sculpture! It gives me joy, energy and freedom. Surrounding myself with the colours and just to stay present, creates an inner peace and a feeling of excitement.

As long as I can remember my creativity has been a huge part of me, I loved art classes in school and in 2005 I took an art class in Vedic Art. That was a big step for me, so I went to the beautiful island of

Öland, on the east coast of Sweden to take an intermediate course and I was hooked! I go to the same place every year and has done that since 2006 to refill and recharge with inspiration to keep me going for the rest of the year. I continued with taking a course that made me a teacher.

In 2012 I went to Kerala in India on an inspirational trip, it was fantastic. Now a days I am having classes in Vedic Art in Gothenburg, Borås, Motala and Uddevalla. I also visit different schools with a project called creativity in school (it is a collaboration with the government). To work together with children is amazing and it gives me a lot of positive energy.


When I create my paintings it is a process with a lot of emotions. I lose myself and I let the painting take over and I forget all other things around me and disappear into my creative bubble. There is no limit or pressure, I use different layers of colour and structure to perceive several dimensions.

I use acrylic colours and the canvas is made in cotton or linen. I start with nothing, I have to have a blanc mind, no ideas or thoughts. I just pick a colour from by intuition. It is almost like a game, when I let the colours, water and the different structures take over and the painting gradually appears on the canvas. It is fun and there are no limits! Sand, eggshells, splintered glas makes beautiful patterns and different effects.

Some paintings take many months and many layers of paint before I consider them as complete, some just takes a few days. It is a very emotional journey and I can feel joy, anger, irritation, harmony but when it is done it is total happiness!

I can feel it in my whole body, it is like a thick bubble surrounding me with calmness. Nothing could interfere or bother me. I communicate with myself through the painting, I am in total balance. It is amazing! The colours and the different effects are like a mirror of my personality and my journey in life. My hopes and wishes are that my energy is reflected in the paintings and that they will affect the one who is watching.



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