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I’m absolutely thrilled that you have found your way here to this glorious world of day-dreaming, imagination and colours. Welcome! My name is Karolina and I love to inspire people and sprinkle creative lust all around me. I strongly believe the more people that use their creativity on a daily basis, the more gorgeousness we spread around the world. My vision is for everyone in the world to use their creative abilities. The power of colours makes the soul dance and the heart sing, a beautiful symphony where words cannot reach. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Painting & ceramics – Art by me! 

I started painting in 200 and sculpting in 2016, and ever since my very first exhibition in 2011, I have participated in a range of exhibitions and events every year. My art is colourful, vibrant, happy and full of energy; designed to fill you up with lovely sunshine. 

In my blog, you can read more about my thoughts about life, the creative process and painting (only available in Swedish for the time being). This is my way of organising everything that swirls around and pops up in my head, trying to make sense of what’s going on in my mind and clarify what it’s all about. 

An exciting process also starts when a painting is finished, because then my mind starts working on what this piece of art means to me. I like to travel past the surface, explore the depths of my creative mind, put this into words and write about what happens behind the closed curtains of my soul. Perhaps it might rouse something within you too, a tiny seed or a fleeting thought… 

My art is also available in interior design features such as velvet cushions, signed prints, trays etc. Feel free to hop on over to my online shop to have a browse. 

Apart from my artistry, I also arrange workshops for children and adults, online courses, work on an ongoing project called “Creative Schools” and plenty of other creative events, not to mention I have written my first book called “Creative Lust”. 


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